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A life living free of bondage, fear & oppression is for all of us.

“Awareness Is Prevention’s” Vision is to expand our network of services to help other groups involved with Human Trafficking. By identifying the synergistic elements of various groups, AIP can help with events, lectures and fundraising for various groups. Through networking and affiliation with NGO’s and enforcement AIP intends to approach this problem with multi-faceted angles. AIP has contacts with all of the Honorary Consuls in Nevada where 26 countries are represented. The founder, Lena Walther, is the Honorary Consul of Sweden and she has helped rescue some Swedish Citizens who were ensnared victims in Trafficking. Other Consuls may be able to assist their citizens once they recognize the problem.

“Everyone needs to be valued. Everyone has the potential to give something back.”

Princess Diana

Our Mission

“Awareness is Prevention” (AIP) was created to educate the public on all forms of Human Trafficking, including Sex Trafficking and Employment Trafficking. By sponsoring Events, Concerts, and Lectures we will reach the youth, who are most vulnerable, as well as their parents and protectors. AIP will also promote the sponsorship of Safehouses, Rehabilitation Centers and Special Clinics for treating traumatized victims. Training Classes will be given to both Law Enforcement as well as Civilians on how to spot trafficked victims. All Human Trafficking organizations are dedicated to Identifying, Rescuing and Protecting the victims. This begins with Awareness.

Lena D.I. Walther


Ken Walther


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