Visa & Mastercard have finally DEFUNDED Pornhub

BREAKING NEWS: Visa & Mastercard have finally DEFUNDED Pornhub!

Pornhub is finally fully DEFUNDED by Visa and Mastercard in major win!

Today is a major victory for the #Traffickinghub movement as finally, after a long fight, Visa and Mastercard have completely demonetized and defunded Pornhub and all MindGeek porn tube sites. These sites have been responsible for the criminal exploitation of countless victims who have had videos of their rape and abuse distributed and monetized on the sites worldwide. 

The fight against Pornhub may finally be nearing an end. It may only be a matter of days or weeks before MindGeek is out of business, as their main revenue source was just cut off.

This all comes after a series of events in recent weeks that finally tipped the scales in forcing the hand of Visa and Mastercard. 

1. A major New Yorker investigation was released that called out the credit card companies for continuing to do business with Pornhub. It ended with my call to action to hold Visa and Mastercard accountable.

2. I wrote an article in Newsweek shortly after, exposing Visa and Mastercard’s continued partnership with Pornhub and challenging them to take action to end their enabling of the Pornhub crime scene.  

3. A federal judge handed down a major landmark decision condemning MindGeek and Visa for their role in child trafficking and refusing to release Visa from the lawsuit.

4. Billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman sprung into action to help put major public pressure on Visa.

5. The victim’s attorney and then Bill Ackman and I went on CNBC to explain the problem and put further pressure on Visa to stop doing business with Pornhub.

6. Hundreds of news articles were published around the globe about the “scandal,” putting major pressure on Visa and Mastercard to react. 

7. Visa and Mastercard responded by finally cutting all ties with Pornhub and all of MidGeek’s porn tube sites. 

Today is a day of victory for survivors of criminal abuse on Pornhub and all advocates who have joined the #Traffickinghub global movement!

Next up in the fight is civil and criminal justice for victims and putting policies in place to prevent this from ever happening again in the future. 

If you were victimized on Pornhub or any affiliated websites and are interested in pursuing justice please reach out.

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