Welcome to AIP. A few words from our Founder, Lena Walther.

Lena Walther, director of AIP describes Sextortion

Some Nerve-racking Numbers

Half a Million Children

Half a million children are approached for sex trafficking every day in the US. Only 1% of those gets reported to the authorities.


Average Age 12-15

Sex trafficked children are expected to give sex 5-25 times a day. Average age 12-15 years old.

Pie Chart

1 Out of 3 Runaways

1 out of 3 runaways end up as sex trafficked victims within 48 hours.


Our Vision

Awareness is Prevention (AIP) was created to educate the public on all forms of Human Trafficking, including Sex Trafficking and Employment Trafficking.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to expand our network of services to help other groups involved in Human Trafficking. By identifying the synergistic elements of various groups.

Help Stop Human Trafficking

A good life is when you smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how blessed you are for what you have. Now imagine what life is like when you are stripped of dignity, all hope, dreams, precious smiles and the simple joy of laughter. Human trafficking and slavery is a preventable disease we can stop today.


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Sex trafficking increases during the holidays. Our founder Lena Walthers spreads awareness on News 3.

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Lena Walther, our founder, was interviewed.

Don't Think This Is Our Problem?

300,000 At Risk

300,000+ children are at the risk of being trafficked in the U.S. annually.

Your Neighbor

Not all victims are homeless or run-aways, some are your next door neighbor.

Big Business

Human Trafficking is big business,it generates $40 billion dollars a year.

Child And Family Min

We ask you to support those working to end this human tragedy & protect the victims of Human Trafficking and Global Slavery.

Awareness is Prevention’s Charter is to inform the citizenry about the resources available by our USG Agencies involved with combating Human Trafficking. The links and logos do not imply affiliation or endorsement for Awareness Is Prevention. AIP supports and promotes all anti-Trafficking affiliates including NGO’s and Governmental.

Human Trafficking Prevention Event

When: March 7 I 5:30 p.m.
Where: Fervent Church 4295 N. Rancho Drive Appetizers.

Young people are vulnerable to predators. Join us to watch a film exposing how predators operate to entice victims – followed by an informative presentation by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department detectives.

Email: [email protected]

Human Trafficking Prevention Event