How You Can Fight Human Trafficking:

Top 10 Signs of Child Trafficking in Medical Care

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Physicians should be on the look for:

  • Bruising, scars, burns, cuts, especially those in non-apparent places
  • Multiple STD or pregnancy tests
  • Fearful, anxious or depressed mood
  • Cash payments, no insurance
  • Malnourished
  • A third party may speak for the patient and not allow them to speak
  • Substance addiction or the appearance of withdrawal symptoms
  • Lying about age
  • Patient transient or no address (or the patient doesn’t know what city he/she is in)
  • Tattoo of a name or strange symbol

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AIP Encourages You to Get Involved & Learn What You Can Do to Recognize & Act to Stop This Preventable Human Tragedy


Research information on the facts, statistics and dangers of human trafficking.


Sharing the facts and statistics you’ve learner with friends and neighbors, and social media will spread the word,

informing and educating others.


Use what you do best to make a difference! Write a blog; paint a picture, display it publicly; use sports

events to raise awareness and funds; write a song; create a short film and post it on


Awareness-raising constitutes one of the most prevalent activities in the prevention arsenal.


Working with local, national and global elected officials.


Join us at AIP, go to our resource page get information on organizations in your area or simply give us a call today.
human trafficking awareness course

A new report is ensuring human trafficking survivors’ voices are heard.

On Tuesday, the U.S. government released its first-ever report on human trafficking written

by survivors.

In the document, 11 survivors of sex and labor trafficking, who were appointed by President Obama to the first U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking in 2015, provide

recommendations on how to improve federal trafficking policies ― ranging from legislation

to public awareness campaigns to victims’ services.

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